Welcome to the learn.grow.flourish journey

I am excited about this educational adventure ahead. I have wanted to experiment with a website or blog for a while and finally thought what better time to start — while on maternity leave, to entertain me while the little one is sleeping.

My dream for learn.grow.flourish? To compile and explore different theories, ideas and strategies related to just that – learning, growing and flourishing. I have a background of education and psychology

with a particular interest in growth vs fixed mindset research and the ever-growing positive psychology movement.

I am strongly driven by beliefs that we are all life long learners, capable of continuing to grow if armed with a growth mindset and a positive attitude to succeed and flourish.

I hope this blog will help organise a wide range of information, resources, ideas that I have accumulated during my career and possibly inspire anyone who joins me along the way, while learning a new skill myself (blogging).

How to get the most out of this blog –

1. Where possible/ relevant I will try to include the word Learn, Grow or Flourish in the title to indicate whether the blog is focusing predominately on learning, mindset or positive psychology.

2. Don’t forget to click on the hyperlinked words within the text to access websites with further information.

Enjoy 🙂


Learn resources    Grow resources    Flourish resources page

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