Can we learn to become happier? – Try it now cat with ear phones

I am always interested in discovering research based interactive apps that help individuals manage stress and foster well-being in our often chaotic life.

I cannot for the life of me remember how I stumbled across Happify but at first glance it looks great for anyone who wants to foster a more positive outlook.

Happify was inspired by

the work of Martin E.P Seligman and research in the area of positive psychology and neuroscience. Happify provides individuals the opportunity to strengthen their ‘happiness’ skills through interactive games and activities. By answering a few initial questions, to gauge current happiness levels, Happify provides a ‘track’ of activities, that take a few minutes each day to complete, which reinforce happiness.

See below for a youtube clip of Katie Couric interviewing Ofer Leidner, one of the co-founders of Happify.

Comment with any positive/ wellbeing/ happiness apps you know of – I am always keen to know what is available out there.



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