How do you view the world?

Only you have the power to choose your view of the world. Think of your view or perspective of the world as sunglasses where everything you see is filtered through the lens colour of the glasses. In this analogy, dark lens support a more negative view that may show limitations, faults and things going wrong. Light lens may support a more positive view that show opportunities to learn and develop skills such as flexibility and patience.

Remember, the world and its circumstances do not change on the other side of whichever pair of sunglasses we choose to put on — the only thing that changes is our individual view of it.

For instance, say a heavy storm comes through unexpectedly. The storm is occurring regardless – but whether we see it as the day being ruined (dark lens) or as a good excuse to hide in the lounge and read a good book (light lens) is OUR choice 🙂

What can you do to ensure you remember to put on the positive lens?

  • Start each day reflecting on something that is going well in your life – gratitude is a great attitude to have!
  • Try to see each experience as an opportunity to learn – mistakes are the start of learning how to do things better or differently.
  • Do something you enjoy if you start to realise you are seeing things out of the dark lens. Doing something you enjoy will help to shift your feelings and thought processes and subsequently your perspective.

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