Are we being FAIR?

Following on from Exploring “Pockets of Strength” in Learning Disabilities, the following story adapted from George Reavis is a great reminder of the unique individuals who make up the classrooms – and to celebrate their strengths rather than identifying and focusing purely on their weaknesses.


The Animal School

The same story has been shared as a video and as a slide show below – to cater for different preferences:


At times we need to review what our definition of FAIR really is and remember that it does not automatically mean EQUAL. Fair may appear as treating others differently but purely to ensure they all have a FAIR chance of success.

We do not prevent students from wearing glasses to see better or hearing aids to hear better – yet we often say no to so many other things/ behaviours/ ways of learning that could actually be helping children learn better, because it would be ‘seen as being unfair to others’.


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