We all have success stories

Don't forget yours

We all have our own success stories to inspire us – we lived them – but all too often we forget about them when faced with the next challenge in our life …

Call it what it is

Unfortunately, when caught in the moment, where the failure/ challenge is the only thing that can be seen and felt, we often believe it is the worst and question the ability to get through it.

Tap into your strengths

Take some time to reflect on previous successes and previous experiences of defying all odds – use this as inspiration.

What strengths were used to help in the journey to success? The ability to communicate with others, ability to negotiate, ability to plan a strategic action plan, use of visualisation, meditation to keep you calm in the face of stress? If it worked previously it may work again, if it doesn’t, you may find another strength you weren’t aware of.

Failure is an opportunity to learn. Often times when accepted as a learning experience, allowing perseverance to take over, the outcome can be better than previously imagined or the success felt, more rewarding.

The point?

Yes, it is motivating and inspiring looking at what others have achieved, but it is often more inspiring remembering the times you achieved something that was once thought to be out of your reach.

It is hard to question what you have already proven to yourself – yet how quickly some dismiss their previous success when faced with a current challenge.


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