Tracy’s Thoughts On… Creating Desired Outcomes

Tracy Blanchard is a registered psychologist and teacher who has worked with children within the education setting for over ten years. Tracy’s Thoughts On… aims to explore a range of common challenges faced by children, adolescents, teachers and parents while shifting the mindset to focus on creating the desired outcome.Focusing on the desired outcome, Tracy’s Thought’s On… aims to provide strategies and tips on how to create the desired outcome within the classroom, home, [insert context]. For example: rather than dealing with attention problems within the classroom, Tracy’s Thoughts On… will focus on how to help children maintain attention within the busy classroom.

If there is an area that you would like Tracy’s Thoughts On… to cover, please email a request.

NB: Tracy’s Thoughts On… is an informal reflection on what has been deemed effective in challenging experiences to date while working as a teacher and school guidance counsellor. Please refer to hyperlinked resources for further readings in the areas discussed.