Create your own Wellbeing Packs

At the North Qld Babies and Kids Markets today, Learn.Grow.Flourish gave away Wellbeing Packs as a reminder of how important our wellbeing is and how unique, valuable and important we all are.Wellbeing banner What is Wellbeing?

Good mental health/ wellbeing allows us to cope with the normal stresses of life, work towards our potential and contribute to our community [1]. Similar to physical health, mental health needs nurturing and attention to preserve its healthy state. Life often presents us with opportunities for self-growth – to embrace our inner strengths and develop more effective ways to cope with what life offers. At times this can be achieved independently, other times

guidance and support may be needed. Neither way is better or right – What is important, is the choice to Learn, Grow and Flourish. Create your own Wellbeing Pack to keep on hand, with the following visual reminders and reflections to foster wellbeing. Wellbeing Pack – Contents and Reflections. Wellbeing kitWellbeing kit open

1. Lead Pencil – You are in charge of writing your life story. Take control and write yourself a happy ending.

2. Colouring Pencil – Make sure you add colour to your life. You bring to the world a unique ‘colour’ (personality) – make sure you use it to brighten up each day. Always seeing things in black and white can lead to unhealthy thinking habits.

3. Colouring Bookmark [2] – If this bookmark was your life – Use only the unique colour you have been provided in the pack to decorate it – be creative. This is your individualised contribution to life. If you choose to continue designing with other colours later, this represents how other people can help compliment your contributions. Wellbeing descriptors

4. Eraser – It is okay to make mistakes, they are not permanent – that’s why we have erasers. Mistakes are necessary for learning. Accept that mistakes must happen for us to grow as individuals.

5. Elastic Band – Be careful not to stretch yourself too thin. Elastic bands are like stress – we need some flexibility to do well, however, if stretched too much we may snap.

6. Paper clip – Remember to hold onto positive people in your life and accept that sometimes we need some support to hold it all together.

7. Playing Card – If a deck of cards was life, remember:

– There is only one of you (1 of a kind in each deck).

– We are all important in the game of life (we need all 52 cards to play the game).

– It is not the cards we are dealt, but how we play the game that matters.

– The ace can be the lowest and the highest card depending on the game and how we choose to use it.

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    References: [1] – World Health Organisation [2] – Colouring page

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