Sleep Awareness Week 2015

Sleep Awareness Week (5)

Sleep Awareness Week, an annual event hosted by the Sleep Health Foundation, aims to promote awareness of the importance of sufficient and quality sleep to our health, wellbeing and ability to cope with daily stressors at home, school and/ or at work.

The Sleep Health Foundation provides an online sleep survey for individuals to complete which analyses sleeping patterns, identifying habits that may be helping or hindering quantity and quality of sleep.

Sleep is a major contributor to a child’s school success. A good night’s sleep helps children to function better at school both academically but also socially. Children are no different from adults – a lack of sleep increases the probability of being less motivated, more irritable and more emotional.

Other helpful information regarding sleep:

1. How much sleep should I be getting? A tipsheet exploring sleep needs across the lifespan.

2. Understanding and helping poor sleep.

3. Sleep tips for children.

4. Teenagers and sleep.

5. Depression and sleep quality.

6. Anxiety and sleep quality.

7. Teacher resources regarding the importance of sleep.

Links provided here have been selectively chosen as being relevant to children and adolescents. For further information about sleep and impacts on sleep click here.

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