Nurturing our well-being is vital… but doesn’t need to be done alone.

Good mental health/ wellbeing allows us to cope with the normal stresses of life, work towards our potential and contribute to our community [1].  Similar to physical health, mental health needs nurturing and attention to preserve its healthy state.

Life often presents us with opportunities for self-growth – to embrace our inner strengths and develop more effective ways to cope with what life offers. At times this can be achieved independently, other times guidance and support may be needed.

Neither way is better or right – What is important, is the choice to Learn, Grow and Flourish.

Learn.Grow.Flourish offers a range of services aimed at supporting and encouraging children and young adults to develop skills to help them succeed as an individual at school and within the community.

These services range from working with the children and young adults to the adults who care and work with them.:

  • Counselling – specific to a presenting challenge or goal set by the young person/parent
  • Career Counselling – working with young adults to discover future goals regarding career opportunities
  • Parent Support – on parenting concerns. E.g: behaviour management, juggling parenting and work, supporting a child with a diagnosed disability
  • Wellbeing Check – reviewing current circumstances when concerns are developing or when experiencing a change or transition which may benefit from additional support – E.G a stressful time in life such as exams, change in circumstances

Medicare Rebates and Private Health Rebates are available.

Contact Tracy Blanchard to discuss these services and make an appointment:

Phone: 0417 251 707 | Email:

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