Psychology Week: 8 – 14 November 2015

Psych week

Psychology Week is a an annual APS (Australian Psychological Society) initiative. This year it takes place 8 -14 November 2015 and aims to increase public awareness of how psychology can help  individuals and communities by supporting people to live healthier, happier and more meaningful lives.

As part of the initiative, a range of activities are held through the week across Australia, while an array of resources are released to help support wellbeing and manage stress and data is collected and reported via a wellbeing survey.

Quick Links
Stress and Wellbeing in Australia – Key Findings
Fear of Missing Out Survey – Key Findings

Understanding and Managing Stress – Tip Sheet

Tips on how to Manage Everyday Stress – Tip Sheet

Six Steps to a Healthier Lifestyle – Tip Sheet

Tips on how to manage everyday stress – Video

What is Psychology?

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